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Hughes and Lane Murray Units
Gatesville, Texas

Normally, Hughes Unit grouping is on Mondays from 6PM-8PM. Lane Murray Unit is Wednesdays from ???
  • Hughes #50 Closing Application (Sep 24, 2023) Due Sep 1, 2023
  • Hughes Closing Application xlxs template

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  • Kairos of Texas Documents
  • 2019AuditFiles.zip
  • KPMI-TexasSalesTaxExemptionCertification.pdf
  • KOT-HotelExemptionCertificate&Letter.pdf
  • KPMI-TexasHotelOccupancyTaxExemptionCertificate.pdf
  • KPMI-SalesTaxExemption&HotelOccupancyTaxLetter.pdf

    New snail mail address as of 10/12/2017:
    KPMI Hughes
    PO Box 29163
    Austin, TX 78755

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    The purpose of this web site is to post KAIROS team information, and to assist in contacting KAIROS team members.  KAIROS team members are not permitted to contact Brothers in White for third parties.

    Are you interested? Christian men and women serve the Lord at 30+ units of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice -Institutional Division.

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