Notes from DOT Secretariat Meeting 10/16/04:

Training to give the Chaining and Philosophy talk to each Cursillo teams will be held 2/5/05 in Navasota, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Each Convocation has been asked to send someone interested in being a trainer.

There was lots of discussion on how to increase clergy involvement in and commitment to the Cursillo movement in the Diocese. Our Spiritual Advisor, Steve Ferguson, is taking this on as his personal mission.

Special dispensation was given to a church who wants to send candidates, but whose interim is not a Cursillista; the Spiritual Advisor for the November Cursillo weekend will sign the applications for any candidates from that church who want to attend.

The Day of Deeper Understanding had nearly 40 attendees. The outgoing Lay Director suggested that the Secretariat divide the Diocese into 2 and form DDU teams for each part and plan DDU programs every 6 months.

All Rectors who will serve from 2/05 – 2/06 were trained at last weekend’s Rector Training.

The draft budget that was put before us by the outgoing Lay Director places us in the negative. The 2005 budget will be discussed and finalized at the next Secretariat meeting in February.

Kyla Smith was unanimously elected to serve as the next Lay Director, beginning in February.

The National Episcopal Cursillo Seminar will be at Camp Allen October 28 – 31. Find out more information by going to website.

The Rector’s Manual and CD have been updated; all Secretariat members were given a copy of the current CD.

The Secretariat Treasurer will be Beka Taylor from Tyler, effective in February.

Plans are on track for the January Family Reunion, to be held at Camp Allen 1/14 1/16.

The next Secretariat meeting is 2/19/2005 at St. Paul’s in Navasota.