Based on oral report to Steering Committee on June 29,2003.

1. We are having a Cursillo Family Reunion January 23-25, 2004 at Camp Allen. Theme is "The Acceptable Year of the Lord" Cost is $150, which includes two nights and five meals (three on Saturday and 2 on Sunday). We have only reserved 100 rooms, so make reservations quickly to make sure you have a space.

2. 2004 Cursillo Weekend dates are:
#203 2/26-2/29 Team is Galveston
#204 4/22-4/25 Team is West Harris
#205 6/17-6/20 Team is Central
#206 8/5-8/8 Team is South East
#207 11/4-11/7 Team is North East

3. We are working on building a database of all Diocese of Texas Cursillistas (mostly related to getting the word out for item #1).

4. The National Episcopal Cursillo Seminar will once again be at Camp Allen, this time 10/29/04 - 10/31/04. Esther Bell in Goliad, Texas is the key contact.

5. The District meeting of the National Episcopal Cursillo will meet in our Diocese 3/5/04 - 3/6/04.

6. The Alleluia II songbook from the Diocese of Alabama is now the official Secretariat recommended resource to use for music for Cursillo weekends.

7. The 2002 Cursillo weekends had an average attendance of 34.8 candidates; we need 32 to break even.