Diocese of Texas Cursillo Movement
Secretariat Meeting
At St Peter's Episcopal Church,
Brenham, Texas
19 October 2002

Lay Director Sally Hibbeler called the meeting to order at 10:25 a.m. following floating group reunions and Eucharist.

Present were:
Joe Nanus, Austin Convocational Representative,
Fred Guilfoyle, Galveston Convocational Representative
Kyla Smith, Northwest Convocational Representative
Chuck McDaniel, West Harris Convocational Representative
Rodney Schroeder, Northeast Convocational Representative
Sally Hibbeler, Lay Director
The Rev. John Graham, Diocesan Spiritual Director
Gene Nolan, East Harris Convocational Substitute
Alice Busch, West Harris Convocational Contact
Marge Dominy, Northwest Convocation Guest
Margaret Dougherty, San Jacinto Convocation Guest

Not present were:
Linda Patterson, Central Convocation Representative
Betty Waddell, East Harris Convocational Representative
Douglas Strub, San Jacinto Convocational Representative
Harrison Jordan, Southeast Convocational Representative
The Rev. Peter Getz, Southwest Convocational Representative

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and Fred Guilfoyle moved that they be accepted as presented. Motion passed.

The Rev. John Graham presented the document that had been developed some time ago called the Pastoral Plan. After extensive discussion, no action was taken by the Secretariat. They decided to defer action to the next meeting of the Secretariat.
Sally Hibbeler, Lay Director, made her report. She spoke about the need for Convocational Contacts and Convocational Representatives pointing out that these people, in each convocation are intended to be the heart of the communication network for the Movement. She reminded the group that communication is the heart of what we are trying to do.

During her report, Sally asked the group if they wanted to have a booth at Diocesan Council in February 2003. After some discussion and several unanswered questions such as cost, the group decided that the question needed to be researched and when the information was available, the Secretariat could vote by an e-mail poll. Motion to do this was made by Chuck McDaniel. Motion passed.

Sally announced the following persons as members of the Training Committee: Kyla Smith, Joe Nanus and Sally Hibbeler.

Sally appointed Margaret Daugherty to be chair of the Benevolence Committee. Margaret was charged to come up with a recommended policy for whom to send benevolences to and for.

Sally distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report. After discussion, it was moved that the report to be accepted. Motion Fred Guilfoyle. Motion passed.

Sally announced the number of potential participants for the up coming weekends. There was some discussion of weekend charges. As a result of this discussion, Joe Nanus moved that Secretariat authorize the Treasurer to pay for the linens at Camp Site III. Motion passed.

There was a discussion of the Eucharist at closing. Fr. John was asked to approach Bishop Alard about discontinuing the practice. In discussion, it was pointed out that we only began to have Eucharist following the move of closing to All Saints Chapel. Concern was expressed about the fatigue of weekend participants and sponsors, with a long drive home after the closing. The discussion included the need to modify the Power Point program if the change is made and return to the closing format used at St. Peter's, Brenham. Those present agreed that if the response were affirmative from Bishop Alard, we would revert to the older practice of Eucharist in the morning on Sunday of the weekend and no Eucharist at closing.

The National Episcopal Cursillo Seminar (NECS) in Seattle was announced. The Secretariat has nominated Marge Dominy for the vacancy on the National Episcopal Cursillo Committee. The election will be held at the NECS.

Rodney Schroeder indicated that he had been on team for weekend #197. He expressed concern about mixing with other groups, the other groups having alcohol at their meeting and a labyrinth that took up space and interfered with some of the weekend activities. He wished we could have exclusive use of Camp Allen as we had in the past.

A suggestion was made that the Secretariat look into having a proposed rector of a weekend be an observing rector on some previous weekend, preferably the previous weekend. This is the method used by Kairos in their team formation. No action was taken.

The meeting adjourned at 12:51 p.m. with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph M. Nanus, Secretary