Minutes of Steering Committee
Austin Convocation of Cursillo
Diocese of Texas
September 19, 1999 @ St. Richard's Roundrock

In attendance were: Rev. George Wilson; Steve Ryder, St. Matthew’s; Collett Foyt, St. Matthew's; Jerry Lyle, St. Richard’s, Round Rock; and Joe Nanus, St. George’s.

The meeting of the Steering Committee of the Cursillo Movement in the Austin Convocation of the Diocese of Texas was called to order at St. Richard’s, Round Rock, by the convener, Steve Ryder, at 6:15 p.m. The first act of the group was to begin deliberations with prayer led by Fr. George Wilson.

It was noted that perhaps we did not have a quorum. Joe Nanus pointed out that no number or percentage for a quorum has been discussed or voted in.

Steve announced that the secretary for the Steering Committee is absent. Joe Nanus volunteered to do the minutes one more time.

Minutes of the July 1999 meeting of the Steering Committee were accepted as distributed with one minor change.

Collett Foyt presented a treasurer’s report.

Joe Nanus reported on the Secretariat meeting the day previous to this meeting:

Lay director for 2000 - 2001 will be Marvin Garza from the Northwest Convocation - he will begin to assume the duties as soon as possible due to Joel’s travel schedule.

Three members of the Secretariat have completed their three year term. Each is attempting to locate a replacement to take the “office” after the Diocesan Council in February. If interested, please contact Joe Nanus.

The National Episcopal Cursillo Seminar for 2001 will be held at Camp Allen October 25 - 28, 2001. A number of people are needed to volunteer for various host diocese responsibilities. If interested, please contact Joe Nanus and he will see that the information is forwarded.

Ed Davis, Secretariat Representative from Huntsville, has volunteered to begin an e-mail directory of Cursillistas in the Diocese. Keith Short reported that the NEC is going in the same direction and that Ed’s efforts will dove-tail with the NEC efforts. A list will be available at closing for people to list their e-mail addresses.

The Closing, next Sunday will be at Camp Allen, at 4 p.m., not 4:30. The closing will include Eucharist for all attendees including the weekend community. DO NOT arrive at Camp Allen for closing before 3:00 p.m.

DO NOT gather in the Conference Center.

Parking for Closing will be in the lower parking area. There will be a couple of people who will be directing parking. Please follow their directions.

People for the Closing will gather in the undercroft of All Saints Chapel.

They should stay in the undercroft and not wander around the building and children should not be allowed to get out of the undercroft area.

The team for the weekend has arranged for child care at the closing. The team for #180, in November, will need to make similar arrangements for their weekend.

Bishop Alard has committed to be at the closing to lead the community in to the Closing at the appropriate time. This may become standard operating procedure.

There was a discussion regarding the preference of Committee members between E-mail and Snail-mail.

The meeting was adjourned with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Nanus, Acting Clerk

PS: added by Steve Ryder, September 27, 1999.
Discussions held during the Ultreya, and at the November Cursillo Weekend team meeting reaffirmed the desire of the majority to continue the "tradition" of meeting for dinner after the Weekend at the Cattle Company in Elgin.

Sixteen of us did gather last night, representing three churches (Epiphany, Burnet; St George's; and St. Matthew's).  Most of use were there by 8:00 PM.

We ask that sponsor's include stopping for dinner in Elgin in the plans they make with their candidates. This meal has always been a special blessing for the new Cursillistas, and immediately reinforces the sense of Austin Cursillo community. It is an opportunity to encourage the candidates personally, help them find reunion groups while the fire is still hot, and reinforce the importance of the Ultreya the next Sunday.

The Elgin location also provides an excellent opportunity for more or the Austin area community to welcome the new candidates. This need is even greater due to the recent changes in time and location of the weekend.