Austin Convocational Steering Committee
March 12, 2017

Attendees: Duke DuTeil (St. Richards, Round Rock), Jim Enelow (All Saints), Helen Paulsen (Resurrection), Peggy Ryder (St. Matthews), Steve Ryder (St. Matthews), Wanda Stimson (Grace, Georgetown)

Chaired by Helen Paulsen.

Peggy moved approval of October 16 minutes. Jim Enelow 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasurer's report:
  • Balance of $1,322.79. Offering 03-12 $138.00: New Balance: $1,460.79.

    Steve Reported that Cursillo 251 did not require the $500 support budgeted.

    Steve suggested that we increase the Diocesan Budget from $250. After discussion, Wanda moved that we amend budget to $500 and authorize the Treasurer to issue a check for $500. Duke 2nd. Passed by acclamation.

    Discussed need for Ultreya Host churches. We have confirmations 3 post weekend Ultreyas but not for November.