Austin Convocational Steering Committee
October 16, 2016

Attendees: Duke DuTeil (St. Richards, Round Rock), Diane DuTeil (St. Richards, Round Rock), Elaine Jackson (St. Johns) Helen Paulsen (Resurrection), Peggy Ryder (St. Matthews), Steve Ryder (St. Matthews),

Chaired by Helen Paulsen.

Duke moved approval of June 26 minutes as amended. Peggy 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasurer's report:
  • Balance of $1,257.79. Offering 10-16 $65.00: New Balance: $1,322.79.

    Steve suggested a preliminary 2017 budget of $500 for team support and $250 for Diocesan Assessment. Peggy 2nd, motion passed.

    Steve discussed status of February team. Will be an Austin-N/w team plus Billie Harland and Katy Garner. Cynthia will be Spiritual Advisor and Jeff Davis will be Asst. Steve will be the leader, Peggy will be the Head Cha, Duke will be Music Leader with a keyboard assist from Patty Craig. He will email invitations to the Austin Cursillo mailing list after he finishes yet another Kairos "weekend" at the end of October. Team meetings will be at St. Matthews to be determined by consensus of team members.