Austin Convocational Steering Committee
June 30, 2013

Attendees: Sally Bozeman (St. Mary's, Lampasas), Tulisha Carson (St. Mary's, Lampasas), Patty Craig (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Jim Hart (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Helen Paulsen (Resurrection), Peggy Ryder (St. Matthews), Steve Ryder (St. Matthews), Eric Whitfield (St. Richard's), Nancy Wren (Christ Church, Cedar Park).

Chaired by Jim Hart.

Patty moved approval of March minutes, Nancy second, minutes approved.

Treasurer's report:
  • Balance of $712.99.
  • Steve moved that after checking with Head Cha (Robert) to be sure there are not unpaid team expenses, and with the bank to see if we have no minimum balance (Bank says minimum is waived because we are an exempt organization), the we transfer the balance of our account to the Secretariat leving at least $100 balance. Nancy Wren second, passed by acclamation. (Note from Treasurer: we budgeted $300 for KAIROS). Even though not "spent", the Treasurer interprets the motion to mean balance less unpaid obligations).

    Patty Craig gave Rector's report (need from Patty)

    Tulisha Carson moved we accept report Eric second. Passed by acclamation.

    Steve moved that Tulisha Carson replace Jim Hart as Convocational Contact. Patty Craig seconded. Passed by acclamation.

    Jim Hart moved that Patty Craig replace Jennie Krischke as Convocation Rep. Helen second. Passed by acclamation.

    Peggy reported that Secretariat committee studying potential changes to weekend format is recomending more free time, and more emphasis on reunion group practice time.

    Tulisha closed with prayer.