Austin Convocational Steering Committee
November 11, 2012

Attendees: Jennie Krischke (Christ Church, Cedar Park) Jim Hart (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Robert Wren (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Nancy Wren (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Helen Paulsen (Resurrection), Tulisha Carson (St. Mary's), Dyke Miller (St. Matthews), Peggy Ryder (St. Matthews), Steve Ryder (St. Matthews).

Dyke moved approval of September minutes, Helen second, minutes approved as corrected.

Treasurer's report (includes proposed 2013 Budget):
  • Balance of $1,477.90. Discussed deposit of $745.53 made on 9/11. General agreement that no action was necessary.
  • To be done: $125 check to KAIROS-Bartlett (Jim Hart's team).
  • Steve moved, Jennie second: 2013 Budget as proposed in Treasurer's report be accepted.

    Discussed proposed 2013 schedule. Jim Hart is in discussions with St. Luke's and St. David's. It was noted that Jan Halstead will be doing her internship at St. David's.

    Discussed Secretariat financial status. There was general agreement that we have more weekends than we can support.

    Steve Ryder moved, with second from Helen that Jennie (as Secretariat Representative) be authorized to make the following motion at the next Secretariat meeting:
    "The Austin Convocation supports and encourages the Secretariat to transition to a two weekend per year schedule, effective as soon as we can cancel scheduled weekends with Camp Allen.

    It is further suggested that teams be open to any qualified Cursillo graduate (i.e., still doing Rule of Life, especially Reunion Group) in the Diocese."

    The motion passed with unanimous support. It was noted that four of those present currently serve on the Secretariat.