Austin Convocational Steering Committee
September 9, 2012

Attendees: Tulisha Carson (St. Mary's),Dyke Miller (St. Matthews), Shawn Oujezdsky (St. David's), Eric Whitfield (St. Richards), Helen Paulsen (Resurrection), Jim Hart (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Robert Wren (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Nancy Wren (Christ Church, Cedar Park), Peggy Ryder (St. Matthews), Steve Ryder (St. Matthews),
Eric turned over check book and prior records to Steve, and signed signature card giving Steve Ryder signature authority for writing checks.
Steve moved that we donate $125 to KAIROS-Bartlett (Jim Hart) AND $125 to KAIROS-Lane Murray (Peggy & Steve Ryder). Nancy Wren 2nd. Motion passed.

Robert reported that Secretariat has debts of $1,500 to Camp Allen, and $1,000 to National and only $185 in checking account.
Nancy Wren moved that we make a $500 donation to Secretariat. Helen Paulsen 2nd. Motion passed.
Peggy reported that we plan to use the Lakeside Conference Center in June 2014.