Austin Convocational Steering Committee
November 13, 2011

Attendees: Jim Hart, Jennie Krischke (Christ Episcopal); Peggy Ryder (St. Matthews); Helen Paulsen (Resurrection); Wanda Stimson (Grace); Richard Bolway, Eric Whitfield (St. Richards)

Jim Chaired the meeting and Jim opened in prayer. The minutes from September were reviewed and Jim moved to accept the minutes with corrections. Wanda 2nd, motion passed.

In regards to the Budget: per Eric Whitfield as of November 13, 2011
  • Balance at Compass Bank $1263.01
  • Proposed budget was discussed amongst the group per Eric's budget worksheet that was handed out at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Eric did not write a check to Kairos this year. He will do so for the March Kairos. Jim will send Eric the information and he will mail a check to Kairos for $125.00.

    Jim motioned to increase the dollar amount to be increased from $200.00 to $300.00 to be paid to the Diocese of Texas for annual contributions. The group 2nd, it passed.

    Jim motioned to retroactive for addiditonal $100.00 to be paid to the Diocese of Texas for 2011, The group 2nd, it passed. Eric will write a check for $100.00 for 2011 and a check for $300.00 for 2012.

    There was discussion on how individual churchs /sponsers/teams funded the cursillo participants, members, etc. This brought up many topics from why does CEC have the majority of attendees, what is the criteria for sponsers, why does fourth day just phase out..... Jim recommended to table the idea on the money idea for now and suggested a strategy meeting to discuss a plan of action to meet in January. The group was agreeable.

    Discussion on Ultreyas including Lampasas and Burnett. This will be possible if we are able to change the time from 6pm to 4pm.

    Per Wanda, Grace is still on hold for any Ultreyas.

    Per Jim, St. Lukes said no about hosting the Ultreyas in November.

    Secretariat Report: Peggy will be coming off the committee and Jennie Krischke has been voted in as the new representative.

    Peggy has made a list of the 26 parishes and missions in the convocation and brought the update.

    Of the 32 responses: 6 responded with a yes or a possible with some sort of an exception. 12 responded No or some other negative excuse. 11 gave no response. 68 rectors/clergy did not respond what-so-ever.

    Jim closed with prayer.