Austin Convocational Steering Committee
November 21, 2010

Attendees: Nancy Wren (Convocational Contact) and Eric Whitfield (Treasurer), Lu McCann (Christ Church), Helen Paulson (Ressurection), Dyke Miller + Peggy and Steve Ryder (St. Matthew's).

Nancy chaired the meeting. Steve opened in prayer. The minutes from the May 16th meeting were reviewd. Helen moved to accept minutes, Peggy 2nd, motion passed.

Eric presented the . The balance is $891 including 300 in account designated for Team 231 Contributions.

Peggy moved that we pay the Diocese Cursillo $100 in addition to the $200 already paid, making our annual contribution $300. Dyke 2nd, passed by acclamation!

Discussed attendance. Condidered moving time to 4 PM to increase Grace Church attendance, but decided that is likely to have a negative impact on families with family activities in the afternoon.

Nancy announced that next year Lu McCann will be the Convocation Contact and that the Secreatariat Lay Rector, Patsy, has already approved.

Peggy gave Secretariat report from October meeting. She reported that Fr. Reid shared the West Texas Cursillo article. West Texas charges $180 per weekend and has weekends at both Camp Capers and on Padre Island. She also called attention to Fr. Reid's article in our own Diocesan newsletter. Fr. Reid also reported difficulty in getting committed Spritual Advisors for the weekend. The Rev. Nan Doer has been SA For 3 of the 4 weekends. Fr. Reid reported that he and Bishop Andy are concerned. The question is how to "fix" Cursillo without a mandate. If we can't fix it perhaps "we will need to go to San Antonio". Peggy reported that next Lay Rector will be Patsy Thompson, the Asst. will be John Ahrens.

We had our own internal "preaching to the choir" discussion of how to get Andy to direct Clergy to emphaize Cursillo.

Nancy closed with prayer.