Austin Convocational Steering Committee
May 16, 2010

Attendees: Nancy Wren (Convocational Contact) and Eric Whitfield (Treasurer), Reid Morgan (Lampasas++), Peggy and Steve Ryder (St. Matthew's).

Nancy chaired the meeting. Reid opened in prayer. The minutes from the March 14th meeting were reviewd. Steve moved to accept minutes, Peggy 2nd, motion passed.

Eric presented the Treasurer's report. The balance is $536.51.

We discussed whether to pay our "traditional" $300 dues, or just the required $200. Given the $500 balance of our account before the payment, we agreed to pay only $200 to the Diocesan Cursillo Fund now and that we may pay more later in the year if we have funds available. Reid moved that we direct the Treasurer to pay $200. Eric 2nd. Motion passed.

We discussed various ways to increase attendance at Ultreyas. Bottom line, personal visits with priests was judged to be most effective. Reid commited to contact the Rector at Good Shephard.

Peggy made a brief Secretatiat report from yesterday's meeting. #1 was that Reid Morgan is the new Spiritual Adviser for the Diocese of Texas! The Secretariat appointed a committee to visit Dallas regarding their experiences in revitalizing Cursillo. There was lots of other discussion.

Steve closed with prayer.