Austin Convocational Steering Committee
May 17, 2009

Attendees: Dyke Miller, Peggy Ryder, Steve Ryder and Nancy Wren..

Nancy chaired and opened with prayer.

Minutes from March 2009 meeting do not exist (yet). Attendance included Peggy, Nancy, Jim Slaughter, Leslie, Jeanette and Jerry Lyle. One discussion item from that meeting was to report that the $10,000 debt to Camp Allen had been paid off, but more debt was expected from future meetings. Steps have been taken to mitigate the loss to Camp Allen by reducing attendance commitment.

Steve presented Treasurer's Report for Leslie: Balance on hand is $769.76, but when $300 check to DoT clears will be $496.76.

Peggy presented Secretariat Report from the May 9, 2009 Secretariat Meeting.

Peggy, Robert Wren and Jerry Lyle continue to plan to meet with parish priests, there have been no visits yet. Peggy has compiled a list all attendees by Parish for the past 10 years for the whole Austin Convocation to assist in these visits.

Steve closed with a brief prayer.