Austin Convocational Steering Committee
September 14, 2008

Attendees: Jeanette Holahan, Helen Paulsen, Jim Slaughter, Lesli Whitfield, and Peggy & Steve Ryder.

Jeanette chaired. Steve Ryder opened with prayer.

No minutes were taken from May Steering Committee Meeting.

Leslie presented Treasurer's Report (Detail): Balance on hand is $562.16.

Leslie has gone thru all old records, segregating those more than 7 years old. Steve moved that Leslie be directed to shred the records older than 7 years. Helen seconded. Motion passed by acclamation.

Leslie moved that she be authorized to move the Austin Cursillo checking account from Texas Health Credit Union to Compass Bank. Jim seconded. Motion passed by acclamation. Compass Bank has more convenient physical locations and offers on-line banking, which will simplify the job of Treasurer.

At the August Ultreya, Jerry Lyle requested $125 sponsorship for the Walls KAIROS. Jan, Steve and Leslie gave "ad hoc" approval. Steve moved that Leslie be authorized to cut a check for $125 in support of the KAIROS Lane Murray #7 weekend. Peggy seconded. Motion passed by acclamation. It was noted that these two requests equal the amount budgeted for 2008 KAIROS support.
Jeanette reported on the August 16 Secretariat Meeting: Highights include: Austin (or is it Central) Convocation is team for August 2009 weekend; Family Reunion will be April 16-18, 2009; Weekend attendance was 17 for June and 25 for August, thus Secretariat will scale back size expectations not # of weekends; Cursillo owes Camp Allen $10,000 due to low attendance; Alice Busch will be doing Day of Deeper Understanding; Jan Halstead is now Secreatriat Treasurer; Jeanette noted that this was the most productive meeting she has attended.