Austin Convocational Steering Committee
May 21, 2006

Attendees: Pat Lyle, Barbara Kaman, Nancy Wren, Dyke Miller Diane Greer, Steve Ryder.

Dyke opened the meeting with a prayer. Steve chaired in Randall's absence.

Diane presented Treasurer's Report (see attached Detail Balance). Balance on hand is $743.16.

It was noted that at the March meeting (no minutes) that Babysitting Guidlines were formulated:
At the Steering Committee Meeting in January it was decided to adopt the following babysitting guidelines:
  • 2 Babysitters are required according to Diocesean guidelines.
  • 1/2 of the cost will be paid by the Austin Convocation
  • 1/2 of the cost will be paid by the hosting church
  • Usually $25-$35 per babysitter for the 2 hours.
  • If no one children show up, pay for 1/2 hour and let babysitters leave.

    Diane also reported from the Secretariat: (see attached minutes)!

    Diane passed out a list she compliled at the request of Bishop High of the Cursillo "status" of each priest in our Convocation. Diane commented that our Convocation has more churches that any of the other Dioceses. We discussed various ways to contact "missing" churches.

    Action Item: We dicided to change the default weekend to the SECOND weekend. It had been the THIRD weekend. After discussion we decided to retain our practice of offering an Ultreya the Sunday following any Cursillo Weekend. September 10 (ironically a second Sunday) is scheduled because September 4th is Labor Day Weekend.

    We welcomed Barbara Kaman as our new contact from St. Richard's.

    Steve closed with prayer.