Austin Convocational Steering Committee
July 10, 2005

Attendees: Jerry Lyle, Diane Greer, Randall Holahan, Dyke Miller, Helen Paulson, Steve & Peggy Ryder, Wanda Stimson.

Randall opened the meeting with a prayer.

Diane presented Treasurer's Report (see attached). Balance on hand is $981.85.

We discussed concern about difficulty of getting and paying for sitters for Ultreya and Closing. The requirements for SafeGuarding doubles the cost, and the reduces the availablity of trained sitters. We will be watching the affect of NO sitters at Clausura (new "surprise" Secretariat policy announced at the last Clausura).

We talked about getting current Lay Talk Books. The current team "discovered" the new books were different when folks with the old books were trying to evaluate the talks of folks that had used the new books. It would make sense for all Convocations to have a full set of the "new" books. It also makes sense for the Secretariat to place a "bulk" order, to be reimbursed by the individual convocations. Jerry will ask Carol Price to convey this desire to the Secretariat.

There was some talk about the August Ultreya being at Grace, Georgetown. It was agreed that this was too soon, but we hope to schedule Grace next year. Christ Church expressed the desire to do two ultreyas next year. Location of Ultreyas for 2006 will be the top "New Business" item for October Steering Committee meeting (our next one).

Helen closed with prayer.