Austin Convocational Steering Committee
January 16, 2005


Those in attendance were: Duke DuTeil, Janice (sitting in for St. Matt's), Carol Price, Jerry Lyle, Helen Paulsen, Wanda Stimson, and Diane Greer. Carol Price opened the meeting with a prayer.

Diane presented the new format for budget information and all were acceptable to the new format. It is easier to read and less trouble to put together.

Jerry stated he had made a face to face contact with churches that were not participating in the monthly Ultreya's and that there were several excuses given, but no commitment given. In addition, Fr. Steve Ferguson is putting together a list of clergy in the Austin Convocation, that have gone to Cursillo, as a resource for Spiritual Advisors. Jerry stated that Pat Lyle was having trouble finding a Advisor for 210 in August, although this has been a problem for quite some time.

Jerry further mentioned that all of the Austin Convocation job descriptions are on the website, but that he would print out a copy for each church, to have in their libraries.

Jerry asked Helen is she still had a desire to be the Palanca person for the Austin Convocation, and she acknowledged that she did indeed want to take on this responsibility. Jerry to get her information related to the position.

Carol did not have any Secretariat news, but did give a short report from the Family Reunion. Only 31 were in attendance and much consternation about why the numbers were down so far, as 91 respondents from last year stated they were willing to return.

Jerry stated a sponsorship would be needed for the Walls Unit for March, Helen made a motion in favor and seconded by Wanda, and all in favor of giving a $125 check for a sponsorship to Jerry when necessary.

Duke closed the meeting with a prayer, meeting adjourned.