Austin Convocational Steering Committee
June 27, 2004

Attendees: Randall Hollahan, Christ Church; Karen Marchant, St. Alban's; Collett Foyt, St. Barnabas; Carol Price, Steve Ryder, Peggy Ryder & Dyke Miller, St. Matthew’s; Duke DuTeil, Jerry Lyle, St. Richards

Jerry Lyle opened with a prayer, then called meeting to order.

The Treasurer's Job Description was reviewed. All agreed it was fine as is.

There was discussion of the 3 candidates for the job. During the discussion it was noted that Collett is the only person with signature authority. The account in the future will have two signatures, the Convocation Representative, and the Treasurer, so either can sign checks.

In response to a query for Collett, Jerry will contact the Diocesan Office about records retention policy (old checks, receipts, etc.). Steve noted that since we have been publishing Treasurers Reports on the web since 2000, we have a defacto archive.

Steve Ryder nominated Diane Urich for Treasurer. Duke DuTeil nominated Evelyn Hilliard. Duke moved that the nominattions cease, Dyke Miller 2nd. Diane Urich was elected by hand vote.

Carol Price moved that minutes of prior meeting be approved. Collett Foyt 2nd. Motion passed.

New Business:

Collett gave the Treasurer’s Report: (see attached).

Carol Price gave a report from the Secretariat:

Notes from 5/15/04 Secretariat Meeting

The Austin Convocation will have the team for Cursillo Weekend #210, which is currently scheduled for June 23-36, 2005. The date may change if changes are made to the current schedule.

The new Spiritual Advisor of the Secretariat is Steve Ferguson, from Holy Spirit in Spring.

The Secretariat needs a new Treasurer. Randy Patterson has done it for 3 years and would like to step down.

As of January1, 2005 the Diocese is requiring that anyone working with children must be licensed and there must be two babysitters on duty. The Secretariat is addressing this issue as far as Clausura is concerned; the Convocation needs to address it as it pertains to Ultreyas.

A Day of Deeper Understanding (DDU) is scheduled for September 25, 2004 at St. Peter’s Church in Brenham. The purpose of a DDU is to turn our focus from Cursillo-weekend activities and to post-weekend concerns such as using the Cursillo method to deepen our relationship with Christ and to provide us with the tools we need to Christianize our environments.

The Second Annual Cursillo Family Reunion will be held January 13-15, 2005 and will be titled “Those Who Serve the Lord”. Friday dinner and Sunday lunch will be added this year and the rest of the schedule has been fine-tuned to address concerns raised in last year’s evaluations.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Price

The Steering Committee all commented that a 4 weekend per year format seemed more appropriate than 5, based on this years experience (two weekends with around 20 candidates) compared to small waiting lists last year.

The next Austin Team weekend will be #210, probably June 23-26, 2005. Jerry asked the Steering Committee to foward nominations to him and Carol NLT Friday July 2, 2004.

Steve Ryder led closing prayer and meeting adjourned.