Austin Convocational Steering Committee

March 7, 2004


Austin Convocational Steering Committee, March 7, 2004 attendees: Wanda Stimson, Grace Georgetown; Collett Foyt, St. Barnabas; Carol Price & Dyke Miller, St. Matthew’s; Jerry Lyle, St. Richards

New Business:

Collett gave the Treasurer’s Report: Cash in bank is $545.64 ($37.00 was missing, but Collett was replacing). Collett mentioned we were currently spending more than taking in, primarily due to childcare at Ultreya’s, but that we should catch up. There were fewer people at the previous month’s meeting, thus income was slightly down.

Carol Price gave a report from the Secretariat: In 2003, there were a total of 153 participants in Cursillo, bringing the total number of participants within the Diocese of Texas to 8,541; the Family Reunion held in January, brought in $12,480, and Camp Allen charged only $10,800, leaving total income of $1,680; Camp Allen will probably raise their fee for next year (for some reason, they charged less than normal); Although there is some disappointment within the Diocese on Cursillo participation, there were more parishes participating in 2003, than previously; A note from the Registrar, if you are going to go to Camp Allen for service palanka and decide to eat while there, you must pay for it at the front desk. If you stay at one of the rooms, your meals are included, but if not, you must pay for it; The District meeting was held in Oklahoma on March 5th-6th. Sally Hibbeler was commended for her excellent work at the Lay Director. Martha Polasek was selected as the new Lay Director for the Secretariat; Carol committed to the committee to bring us a book report/summary of the book, "Day of Deeper Understanding," which reinforces the Sunday activities on the weekend; Day of deeper understanding to be held in Navasota on 9/25/04; Rector training October 9th at Navasota, for a candidate out of the Austin Convocation to attend (consider nominee); Secretariat meetings for the remainder of 2004 are March 15th, August 21st, and October 16th.

Jerry brought up discussion of Treasurer’s job description, asking if it had been read. General discussion on subject matter took place, general consensus was that it was ready. There are three cursilliastas’s that have offered their services: Diane Urick, Resurrection; Evelyn Hilliard, St. Richard’s; Mary Stitt, St. Richard’s. Jerry will send the job descriptions to all three individuals, and the committee will vote at the next meeting (May 2nd St. Matthew’s) who will be selected as the new Treasurer. Collett noted that there should be two persons on the signature card as good business practice, as well as in case of illness or death.

Jerry told the committee that St. Richard’s representative, Duke DuTeil was in Virginia, in the hospital. Prayer’s were asked for and received.

Lack of participating parish’s discussed, and Carol expressed hope that St. Luke’s might begin again, as two of their flock had sponsored her husband for last #204. Jerry noted that Seminary of the Southwest has accepted November 14th, to host Ultreya. This leaves us only July with no host, as yet.

Closing prayer was recited and meeting adjourned.