Austin Convocational Steering Committee
Mar 9, 2003

Attendees: Nancy Wren; Christ Church; Wanda Stimson, Grace Georgetown; Helen Paulsen, Resurrection; Collett Foyt, St. Barnabas; Joe Nanus, St. Georges; Janet Carpenter, St. James-Taylor; Dyke Miller, George Wilson & Steve Ryder, St. Matthew's; Roger Wines, St Phillip the Joy Giver; Jerry Lyle & Duke DuTeil, St. Richard's.

Jerry Lyle opened meeting with prayer.

Dyke Miller moved acceptance of January minutes, Helen Paulsen 2nd, minutes approved.

Old Business:

Jerry (as the new Contact) and Steve (as the old) re-re-re-committed to:
  • Contact Fr. Seth (now Fr. Rodriguez) to obtain Austin Convocation Priest e-mail addresses
  • Send priests Cursillo Announcements (as well as contacts).  The hope is that some of the priests will make announcements and this will encourage more folks to participate in Cursillo. 

    Jerry asked about reactions to the lack of Eucharist at closing.  Response was generally positive.  While meeting finished earlier, folks used the extra time to talk. 

    New Business:

    Collett Foyt gave the Treasurer's report.  Our cash balance at end of February is about $1,000, which is close to normal.  We spent less than normal last year, but also took in less.  Main difference is we supported one fewer than normal KAIROS candidate, and Austin did not have a team last year.  We will in 2003.  Joe Nanus moved approval of February (and December) reports.  George Wilson, 2nd.  Report approved. 

    Proposed budget for 2003 is:
    Income: Ultreya: $1,150
    Expenses: Childcare-50, Cursillo Team-350, Diocese of Texas-300, KAIROS-375, Postage-75
    Total Expenses: $1,150. 
    This is the same as last year except for Cursillo Team support. 

    Joe Nanus moved adoption of budget as proposed.  Steve Ryder 2nd, Budget Addopted by acclamation. 

    Joe Nanus gave the Secretariat report for Carol Price.  Joe mentioned that the 2002 budget was adopted for 2003, but will be revised as necessary.  He reported the Chuck McDaniel was elected as Deputy Lay Director and 3 days later had a heart attack.  He is recovering.  Alice Busch was appointed secretary, she is from West Harris Convocation.  Joe reported on discussions on a "Back to the Mountain" weekend designed to reinvigorate Cursillo folks.  This is being done in San Diego California (not Texas).  (Note: Carol Price took a poll during the following Ultreya, ALL present raised hands saying they would be interested in something like this).  Joe noted that the October 2004 NEC National Conference will be at Camp Allen again.  He indicated that this would require some fourth day servant work on our part, and furthermore encouraged us to sign up for the March 21-22 South Central Cursillo meeting which is here in Austin, as that would be a topic of conversation in addition to the published agenda.  The South Central District includes the movements in Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Western Missouri, Western Louisana and all of Texas (remember there are 5 diocese entirely in Texas plus the Diocese of the Rio Grande which includes all of New Mexico and the western panhandle of Texas). 

    Wanda Stimson, Grace Georgetown asked that we announce they are hosting a 5 PM Break Bread Together meal prior to the next Ultreya on April 27. 

    Fr. George closed with a prayer. 

    Steering Committee Minutes are indexed under the "History, Admin..." page.