Austin Convocational Steering Committee
Jan 19, 2003

Attendees: Nancy Wren; Christ Church; Dyke Miller, St. Matthew's; Joe Nanus, St. Georges; Jerry Lyle, St. Richard's, Helen Paulsen, Resurrection, George Wilson, St. Matthew's, Steve Ryder, St. Matthew's, Wanda Stimson, Grace Georgetown, Carol Price, St. Matthew's.

Joe Nanus moved acceptance of October minutes, Jerry Lyle 2nd, minutes approved.

Old Business:

We lifted up Collett Foyt and her family in prayer as they love and support her father. We will discuss our 2003 budget via email at a later date.

Steve re-re-re-committed to:
  • Contact Fr. Seth to obtain Austin Convocation Priest e-mail addresses
  • Send priests Cursillo Announcements (as well as contacts). The hope is that some of the priests will make announcements and this will encourage more folks to participate in Cursillo.

    Joe mentioned there has been some level of contention about the decision to no longer do Eucharist at closing. The Austin Convocation Steering committee supports having the Eucharist in the morning with just the team and candidates instead of at closing.

    New Business:

    Resurrection asked to host the October 19 Ultreya. Yeah, Resurrection!

    Dyke asked if St. Matthew's could do a Eucharist at the March Ultreya. Spirited discussion followed, discussing pros and cons.

    Carol Price will be our new representative to the Secretariat. She will be confirmed at the Diocesan Council in February.

    Joe Nanus moved that we elect Jerry Lyle as Austin Convocation Contact. Dyke Miller 2nd. Jerry was elected by acclamation.

    Joe Nanus reported that March 22 (Sat) will be the South-Central Cursillo District meeting, in Austin at the Seminary. The topic will be sponsorship. About 18 district representatives are expected. The meeting is open to all.

    Fr. George closed with a prayer.

    Steering Committee Minutes are indexed under the "History, Admin..." page.