Austin Convocational Steering Committee
Oct 6, 2002

Attendees: Nancy Wren; Christ Church; Dyke Miller, St. Matthew's; Joe Nanus, St. Georges; Jerry Lyle, St. Richard's.

Jerry Lyle opened with prayer.

Nancy Wren moved acceptance of June minutes, Jerry Lyle 2nd, minutes approved.

Old Business:

1) Treasurers Report (provided by Collett Foyt) was distributed.
   Treaasurer's report.   
   As of Sep 30
   Category Description Actual Budget Difference 
   Ultreya               284    800   -516    
   TOTAL INCOME          284    800   -516    
   Childcare              25     50     25    
   Diocese of Tex        225    300     75    
   Kairos                250    375    125    
   Postage                 0     75     75    
   TOTAL EXPENSES        500    800    300    
   TOTAL INC - EXP      -216      0   -216    

   We have $632 cash on hand (+ the $30 June collection).   
2) Steve Ryder, although not present, provided copy of schedule that he had been given via e-mail from Sally Hibbler; that there will be four (4) Cursillo Weekends in 2003: Feb 27-Mar 2, June 19-22, August 7-10, and November 6-9 (campsite).

The attendees suggest that Steve go directly to Father Seth for the information he is re-committing to.

Steve (by message) re-committed committed to:
  • Contact Fr. Seth to obtain Austin Convocation Priest e-mail addresses
  • Send priests Cursillo Announcements (as well as contacts). The hope is that some of the priests will make announcements and this will encourage more folks to participate in Cursillo.
  • Ask all the contacts to look at the proposed 2003 Ultreya schedule, and commit to at least one Ultreya.

    3) Joe Nanus commemted that Camp Allen has eliminated the requirement for Cursillo pre-payments. Bishop Payne brought this change about.

    New Business:

    1) Joe Nanus was instructed to ask the Secretatiate to hold 2 camp-ground weekends, start them in 2004 if we are to stay on the 4 Cursillo per yr schedule.

    2) We agreed to try and hold 10 Ultreya's in the Convocation for '03. Each of the following churches committed to host an Ultreya IN ADDITION to what they had already committed. Here is the comjmitment as of Oct. 6th: Jan - St. George's; Feb - St. Richard's; Apr - St. Alban's; July - still open; Sept. - St. Matthew's; Oct - Christ Church; No Ultreya to be held in Dec.

    3) Joe announced need for $$ support to the Austin Team for Cursillo #200 - push collections at Ultreyas.

    4) Joe passed out applications for Team Staff for Cursillo #200. He stated that the Rector desires not to have his /her (/) name announced at this time. These applications will go to Joe Nanus who in turn will pass them on. Copies were given to those attending the Ultreya at Christ Church, Oct. 6th.

    Meeting closed with silent prayer by attendees.

    Submitted by Dyke Miller

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