Austin Convocational Steering Committee
April 28, 2002

Attendees: Dyke Miller, St. Matthew's; Joe Nanus, St. George's; Collett Foyt, St. Barnabas; Wanda Stimson, Grace, Georgetown; Barbara Haynes, St. Matthew's; Jerry Lyle, St. Richard's; Fr. George Wilson, St. Matthew's; Steve Ryder, St. Matthew's.

Wanda Stimson opened with prayer.

Joe Nanus moved acceptance of February minutes as amended, Jerry Lyle 2nd, minutes approved.

Collett Foyt gave the Treasurer's report. See Treasurer's Report. Joe Nanus moved acceptance of the report, Jerry Lyle 2nd, report approved.

Joe Nanus reported on the Mar 16, 2002 Secretariat meeting (see attached).

Joe also mentioned that the idea of moving to four weekends a year vs. six is being considered informally. The Austin Convocation Steering Committee was unanimous in supporting this move.

Fr. George closed with prayer.

Steering Committee Minutes are indexed under the "History, Admin..." page.