Austin Convocational Steering Committee
February 17, 2002

Attendees: Dyke Miller, St. Matthew's; Joe Nanus, St. George's; Jane Powers, St. John's; Roger Wines, St. Phillip the Joy Giver; Collett Foyt, St. Barnabas; Fr. George Wilson, St. Matthew's; Steve Ryder, St. Matthew's.

Fr. George opened with prayer.

Joe Nanus moved acceptance of November minutes as amended, Dyke Miller 2nd, minutes approved.

Collett Foyt gave the Treasurer's report and recommended a budget. See Treasurer's Report. Joe Nanus moved acceptance of the report, Dyke Miller 2nd, report approved. Joe Nanus moved acceptance of the proposed budget, Jane Powers 2nd, budget approved.

Joe Nanus reported on the Jan 12, 2002 Secretariat meeting:

Steve Ryder commented that the Convocational contacts were not notifed about the #193 participant list, and the list was posted in such a way as to make copying text impossible.

Steve Ryder closed with prayer.