Report on Actions of
Secretariat for the Cursillo Movement in
The Diocese of Texas
19 May 2001

The Secretariat meeting was held at Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Tomball.

Because the Lay Director was doing humanitarian relief in Puerto Rico following flooding there, the meeting was run by the Assistant Lay Director, Joe Nanus.

Actions of the Secretariat that may be of interest to members of the Austin Steering Committee and others in our Convocation are listed below.

1) The Secretariat reaffirmed that no alcoholic beverages shall be served at any weekend function other than sacramental wine at Eucharist. This had been passed unanimously at the March meeting of the Secretariat but the Lay Director apparently wanted it revisited. The decision was again unanimous.

2) As of May 19, 2001, the money raised as a result of the mailing put out by Bishop Alard and Marvin Garza, was $5,458. This is toward a goal of $8,000. Donations can still be sent to Randy Patterson, the new Treasurer for the Diocesan Cursillo Movement.

3) The Diocesan Spiritual Advisor wishes to go to several Ultreyas around the Diocese. He asks that he be sent the schedule with place of assembly. John Graham's e-mail is

4) The Secretariat expressed concern that various Stations of the Cross being used on the weekend, other than the one in the Rector's kit, may be violating the copyright and we need to abide by the copyright laws. If a service other than what is in the Rector's kit is contemplated, copyright permission, in writing, needs to be secured. The Rev. John Graham will check about the service Camp Allen has.

5) Weekend teams are asked not to use candles during the Stations of the Cross because of the problem of wax drip in All Saints Chapel.

6) The Secretariat has asked that all Personal palanca, which is addressed to only one participant, be written for delivery at Maņanitas only. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is that personal palanca during the weekend is an intrusion, however loving, of the outside community into the haven of the weekend and breaks the flow of the ideas of the talks and the time for reflection on the talks and what is happening in the life of the participant. The cooperation of all is greatly appreciated. As always, written palanca is all that will be delivered on the Maņanitas trays.

The Secretariat reviewed a report from the committee on revision of the Rector's Manual, chaired by Carol Youens. Several questions were brought from the committee and were addressed by the Secretariat. The full report will probably be forwarded to the Secretariat for its consideration and possible adoption in September. The intent is to have the manual on a CD that can stay with each Rectors kit.

Job Descriptions for Parish Contact, Convocational Contact and Convocational Representative were reviewed and several comments made. Kyla Smith has been heading a group working on these.