Minutes of Steering Committee
Austin Convocation of Cursillo
Diocese of Texas
March 23 @ St. John's, Austin.

Fr. George Wilson opened with prayer.

In attendance were: Steve Ryder, St. Matthew's; Wanda Stimson, Grace, Georgetown; Ann Crawford, Christ Church, Cedar Park; Roger Wines, St. Phillip the Joy Giver; Judith Judy, Christ Church, Cedar Park; Peggy Ryder, St. Matthew's; Jerry Lyle, St. Richard's, Roundrock; Joe Nanus, St. George's; Jane Powers, St. John's; Dyke Miller, St. Matthew's, and Fr. George Wilson, St. Matthew's.

Joe Nanus moved approval of November 2000 minutes. Jane Powers, 2nd. Passed.

Treasurer's report:Income: $648; Expense: $352, Net: $296.

Joe Nanus moved approval of Treasurers Report. Jane Powers, 2nd. Passed.

The proposed 2001 budget was accepted with one modification. Joe Nanus moved approval, Roger Wines 2nd. Dyke Miller suggested changing postage to $75 from $150, which was accepted by Joe as a friendly amendment. Motion passed.

Joe Nanus reported on the March 17, 2001 Secretariat meeting.

The Secretariat met at St. Peter’s Brenham on March 17, 2001.

Present at the meeting were several new members of the body.

Rev. Dr. John Graham, new Spiritual Director for the Diocese Currently an assistant at St. Martin’s, Houston. Harrison Jordan, new representative from Southeast Convocation, member of St. Mark’s, Beaumont. Robert Schroeder, new representative for the Northeast Convocation Member of St. Frances, Tyler.

Changes were reported regarding the pricing policies at Camp Allen. 1) The problem with needing to have two years of deposits with the Camp has been changed. We will now only have to have one year of deposits, paid in the November prior to the beginning of that year. 2) The cost of the weekend is going up. At the Conference Center, to $180 for team members and $195 for participants (the $15 is for materials that team does not use). At Camp Site III, to $100 for team members and $110 for participants. 3) The cost of Chapel is going up to $250.00 where before it was $200. This still includes the use of the Power Point presentation at closing.

The Crosses we have been using in the past millenium will be changed with the new Millenium. The crosses used in the February weekend will probably not be those used in the future. The "Christ Crucified" is not the same idea as the "Christo Rey" crucifix we have used in the 20th Century. We are looking for a source for the new crucifixes.

A recent mailing from the Head ChaCha for weekend #188 was discussed and determined to be a mistake. A member of the team present for the Secretariat meeting indicated the mailing was to be to only the clergy of the convocation, not to all clergy in the diocese.

The Cursillo Movement has received about $2,025 in donations for the funding for the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese as a result of the letter sent out by the Lay Director and Bishop Alard.

The Treasurer’s Report indicates that as yet, our Convocation has not made a contribution to the Diocesan Movement budget this year.

There will be a "Day of Deeper Understanding" at St. Christopher’s in Killeen on Saturday, April 21, 2001. It will start at 9:00 am and end at 4 p.m. Cost will be minimal, probably $15.00 per person, but I don’t have the final figures on this yet. You can sign up to attend by contacting me or Marvin Garza. Marvin’s e-mail is: <mlgarza@swbell.net> Mine is: <joemacn@aol.com>.

The new Treasurer for the Movement in the Diocese is Randy Patterson, 420 Tequila Lane, Brenham, Texas, home phone - 979/830-8726, e-mail - <keilers@alpha1.net>.
--------------------End of Secretariat Report----------------------
There was some discussion about changing the time of the Ultreya from 7.00 PM to 6.00 PM. Steve will email a survey to get folks opinions.

Steve Ryder closed with prayer.