Minutes of Steering Committee
Austin Convocation of Cursillo
Diocese of Texas
November 19 @ Good Shepherd's, Austin.

Fr. George Wilson opened with prayer.

In attendance were: Steve Ryder, St. Matthew's; Joe Nanus, St. George's; Collett Foyt, St. Barnaba's; Richard Lauzon, St. Christopher's, Mary Miner, St. Luke's on the Lake, Jane Powers, St. John's; Dyke Miller, St. Matthew's, and Fr. George Wilson, St. Matthew's.

Joe Nanus moved approval of August minutes. Jane Powers, 2nd. Passed.

Treasurer's report: balance $736.96, Income: $554.12; Expense: 277.08, Net: 277.04. We still owe the diocese $75 for the 4th quarter.

Joe Nanus reported on the November 18, 2000 Secretariat meeting.

Cursillo is going to create a new web address for information linked to the Diocese of Texas Webpage. The address is: cursillo2000@hotmail.com.

The Secretariat indicated that, for purposes of responsibility, the Convocational Contact person will be the responsible party. This does not preclude the Austin Convocation from handling the kit as it has in the past, remaining with the rector(a) of the last team until a new one is chosen.

Marvin Garza wants to have a meeting of all convocational contacts in the first of 2001, probably in January. The Registrar is now going to put out an e-mail list of the weekend participants about three weeks before the weekend. This will be a partial list and subject to updating. There has been a waiting list for the last two weekends!

Randy Patterson, a CPA in Brenham, has volunteered to become the new treasurer for the Movement, replacing Sheldon Barr who has asked to step down. The change over will be in January. If you see or talk to Sheldon, please thank him for the excellent job he did.

While we are talking about treasure, the Movement is in better condition financially but is still in hot water regarding funds. The major problem is the deposit that Camp Allen requires for an inordinate amount of time ahead of time. For instance, in February, 2001, Camp Allen wants the deposits for all of 2002. That will be a little more than $4,200. Anyone who wishes to make a donation can do so by check to "Cursillo, Diocese of Texas." The check can be given to me and I will send it to Sheldon or sent to Sheldon Barr at 5930 Belrose, Houston, Texas 77035.
--------------------End of Secretariat Report----------------------
Joe also reported on a GREAT NECS meeting in Orlando, Florida. Keith Short has served his full term as NECC representative, and has been replaced by Albin Chaulk.

Steve reported that he made calls to the parishes which hosted Ultreya's for the first six months in 2001. He plans to follow-up with other parishes before our January meeting.

Steve reported mixed feedback from his rather strict e-mail about Ultreya hosting responsibilities. Steve noted that the Ultreya Guidelines have been posted to the History, Administration page on the web site. We talked about the necessity of emphasizing that the 4th day Lay Witness speakers stick to the recommended outline from the guidelines, and that the emphasis of their talk be about a recent living experience - tell how, through prayer, study, and action, you are trying to bring others with you to Jesus in the normal flow of your own life. .

Steve Ryder closed with prayer.