Minutes of Steering Committee
Austin Convocation of Cursillo
Diocese of Texas
August 6, 2000 @ St. Christopher's, Austin.

Fr. George Wilson opened with prayer.

In attendance were: Steve Ryder, St. Matthew's; Richard Lauzon, Christopher's; Joe Nanus, St. George's; Dyke Miller, St. Matthew's and Fr. George Wilson, St. Matthew's.

Joe Nanus moved approval of May minutes as amended. Dyke Miller 2nd. Passed.

Treasurer's report not given.

Joe Nanus reported on the last Secretariat meeting. The Treasurer´s Report indicated that the Movement at the Diocesan level is in fiscal trouble. Because of the deposits the Secretariat must make for the coming year´s weekends, the treasury is depleted to the point that some monies from designated funds have been used for this purpose. If anyone would like to make an extra gift to the Diocesan Movement, can direct them to Steve or Joe Nanus who will see that they are transmitted to the Treasurer of the Movement.

Closing was discussed including the log jamb at the front when the community enters. We don´t seem to be learning from the experience of those who go before us.

The cost of weekends was discussed. Three possible solutions were proposed for discussion: 1) Look at being an item in the Diocesan budget. 2) Look at Mission Funding monies 3) Local Parish/Mission Scholarships

Anne Sundquist is to be the new Registrar. We are now looking for a Secretary for the Secretariat. The person does not have to be a member of the Secretariat.

Bishop Alard has called for a Task Force regarding "the Mission of Cursillo." The meeting will be at Camp Allen at 6:00 p.m., Sunday, August 20, 2000. People wishing to attend and stay the night must reserve space at Camp Allen for $53.65. This includes meals. If you want to go and not stay, the cost is $17.00 which includes the evening meal. A reservation MUST be made either way you attend so they know how many meals and rooms to prepare. As I recall there must be at least 15 for a meal or the kitchen does not open.

Bishop Alard indicated that Bishop Paine is committed to getting clergy more involved in the Movement. This "Task Force" is not intended to be a "bitch" session, but those who attend may have an opportunity to vent.

"The Devil´s greatest weapon is apathy."

Steve reported that there were only two responses to the survey which was included in the snail-mail paper letter mailed in June. Both said e-mail works fine, don't need anything else. Steve committed that he would try to call each of the reps on the telephone before the September 17th meeting.

Steve Ryder closed with prayer.

8-16-00 update: the Bishop Alard Task Force meeting is by invitation only!

PS: (The following relevant letter was received August 9, 2000).

The first meeting of a task force to suggest ways to revitalize Cursillo in this Diocese will be held at Camp Allen on Sunday, August 20, 2000, at 6 pm with Bishop Alard. We have no idea where this group will go from this point. The cost of the meeting if you're only coming for that evening is $17 per person. If you're staying over night, the cost is $53.65. I'll find out the cost if you want to share a room with someone.

In his talks with the Bishop, Fr. Steve Ferguson has suggested that this group is not restricted to the Secretariat, but having a large unwieldy group could be a hindrance. In your discernment process about whether you will attend or not, please consider all the following requirements:

*Cursillo is your primary apostolic action; *You have some experience with Cursillo (have been on a team or related teamwork, attend Ultreya, regularly reunion; parish and/or convocation participation); *You're willing/able to take action on behalf of Cursillo as a result of what is decided; *And you're willing to bring ideas/solutions, not just problems and condemnations.

This is a forum to be honest about the challenges which face us. It is not a place to vent our spleen. I'm sure there will be feedback in some sort of communication forthcoming from this meeting and any future meetings.

If you have specific issues you want discussed and can't attend, you might send them to one or all of the following: Linda Buck (Lwalkerbuck99@cs.com, Mary Frances Townsend (mftown@houston.rr.com) and Fr. Steve Ferguson (Sonfergus@aol.com). Mary Frances is the West Harris Convocation Representative and I'm the Convocation Contact. As you know, your parish is a member of this convocation. Fr. Steve is the Spiritual Advisor for the Diocesan Cursillo Secretariat.

Please let me know if you have any questions. That will reduce the amount of e-mail back and forth to Fr. Steve Ferguson. If you want to attend, please notify Fr. Steve directly at Sonfergus@aol.com.

God's blessings,


Linda Walker Buck
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