#180 His Children of Light
Cursillos© in Christianity

Cursillo© Weekend #180:
His Children of Light

November 11-14, 1999

Please join us for Clausura
November 14, 1999 at 4:00 at Camp Allen Chapel.

The Team requests your prayers and palanca - letters, cards, canned drinks, fruit juices, cheese and peanut butter crackers, cookies, chocolate, etc.

Monetary donations - to purchase supplies.

Service Community - at mealtime.

If possible, plan a time for Stations of the Cross Thursday night, November 11, 1999 in your local church or convocation to support us as we do the stations at Camp Allen.

More prayers for the Cursillo© movement and for God's Work in the World.

Joe Nanus, Rector
Annelle Adams
Russ Adams
Lauren Kirchem
Sandy Lanier
Mary Miner
Jan Nanus
Carol Price
Bill Riley
Steve Ryder
Peggy Ryder
Martha Schreffler

Spiritual Advisors:
The Rev. George Wilson
The Rev. Al Rodriguez

Kitchen Team
Sue Kinney
Bob McCraine
Betsy McCraine
Peter Grandjean
Jo Ann Grandjean

Head Cha Cha:
Cynthia Wilson
8300 Long Canyon Dr.
Austin, TX 78730

Anne Sundquist




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