Treasurer Austin Convocational Steering Committee

Responsibilities for the Austin Convocational Treasurer for Cursillo include:

1) Prepares a proposed budget to be presented to the Steering Committee at the beginning of each calendar year.

2) Prepares a financial report and present it at Steering Committee meetings and sends it to Convocational Webmaster for posting on website and the Convocational Contact.

3) Counts and deposits the collections from the Convocational Ultreyas.

4) Pays expenses of the Convocation as laid out in the budget. This includes: the donation to the Diocesan Cursillo movement (quarterly), Kairos weekends as allotted in the budget, babysitting fees during the Ultreyas, and any other expenses that are in the budget or approved by the Steering Committee.

5) Maintains an accounting of the funds for the Convocation. Currently this is maintain on Quicken, but could be maintained manually or on some other bookkeeping software.

Note from Collet Foyt (8-2004): I have been doing this since 01/99 and have written approximately 27 checks in 4 years. You should average 7-8 checks per year. Currently the bank account is at the Texas Health Credit Union off of Grover and 49th Street by the State Health Dept. They charge no fees. Currently only one signature is required on checks. You may want to add another signatory to the account in case of emergency. Right now I think I am the only one authorized to sign checks.