Cursillo Weekend #217:
The Cursillo of Speaking Wisdom and Meditating on Understanding

August 2-5, 2007

Please join us for Clausura August 5, 2007 at 4:00 at Camp Allen Chapel.

If possible, plan a time for Stations of the Cross Thursday night, August 2, 2007 in your local church or convocation to support us as we do the stations at Camp Allen.

The Team requests prayers for the candidates, the team and the Cursillo movement; and your palanca:
letters, cards, canned drinks, fruit juices, cheese and peanut butter crackers, cookies, chocolate, etc.
Monetary donations - to purchase supplies.
Service Community - at mealtime.
Service Palanca for mealtimes must be scheduled in advance with Anne Sundquist.
Robert Wren, Rector
1904 Hermitage Dr.
Round Rock, TX 78681-1951
Cell 512.913.5050

Spiritual Advisors:
The Rev. Mike Wyckoff
The Rev. Bruce Bonner

Patty Craig, Music Director
Kathryn Bonner
Kathy Callaway
Carolyn Dupy
Duke DuTeil
Diane Greer
Jan Halstead
Jerry Halstead
Fran Hart
Jim Hart
Dale Hilliard
Peggy Ryder
Martha Wyckoff
Nancy Wren
Head Cha Cha:
Steve Ryder
2805 Robbs Run
Austin, TX 78703

Anne Sundquist
936.372.2522 (h) or
281.356.1488 (w)